[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter: Unchanging Shinhwa (201016)


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There is nothing in this world that doesn’t change.

In our 19 years, everything has changed.

But there is one thing that definitely hasn’t changed.

Shinhwa… Six.

From the beginning until now, we have always been six.

And six are always here.

Not going anywhere, and always by your side.

Tidak ada satu hal-pun di dunia yang tidak berubah

Dalam 19 tahun kami, semuanya telah berubah

Tapi ada satu hal yang pastinya belum berubah

Shinhwa… Enam.

Sejak awal hingga sekarang, kami selalu berenam

Dan kami berenam selalu ada disini

Tidak pergi kemanapun dan selalu di sisi kalian

Source: @ShinhwaCompany

Eng trans by Absolut Shinhwa

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