[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter: Nominasi Inki, Makan Siang, #Sniper3rdWin (130315)

[NOTICE] [ONAIR] 3/15 SUN 13:15 SBS「인기가요」 1위 후보! <멜론> 인기가요 사전투표 SMS 문자투표 (유료 100원) 생방송중 가수이름 or 후보번호를 입력후 전송

3/15 SUN 13:15 SBS「Inkigayo」 first place nominee!
▶<Melon> Inkigayo pre-show voting
▶SMS Text voting (100won)
Text the singer’s name or nominee number to #1245


3/15 MINGGU 13:15 SBS [Inkigayo] Nominasi posisi 1!!

▶<Melon> Voting sebelum show Inkigayo
▶SMS Text voting (100won)
SMS nama penyanyi atau nomor nominasi ke #1245

[네이버 스타캐스트]

[NAVER STARCAST] -link ke artikel-

늦었지만 즐거운 굳점 오늘 저녁6시30분 KBS ‘뮤직뱅크’

shinhcom twitter 130315

Although it is delayed but have an enjoyable good lunch This evening 6:30pm KBS ‘Music Bank’

Meski agak telat tapi kami makan siang dengan enak. Malam ini jam 6:30pm KBS ‘Music Bank’

‘표적’ KBS 뮤직뱅크 1위 이대로 쭉~~ 고고씽~ 감사합니다!

shinhcom twitter 130315 2

‘Sniper’ KBS Music Bank 1st place Go go-sing like this all the way~ thank you!

‘Sniper’ Juara satu KBS Music Bank.. Terus seperti ini sampai nanti~~~ terima kasih!


Credit: shinhwa company twitter + malpabo (eng) 1 2

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