[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter/Facebook: Show Champion #Sniper1stWin (110315)

에브리바디 굳점! 오늘 저녁6시 MBC MUSIC ‘쇼!챔피언’ 본방사수!

shincom twitter 110315 1

Everybody good lunch! Tune in to Shinhwa’s Sniper tonight 6pm on MBC MUSIC ‘Show! Champion’!

Makan siang enak untuk semua! Tonton Sniper Shinhwa malam ini jam 6pm di MBC Music Show! Champion!

쇼챔피언 첫 1위!!! 신화창조 여러분께 바칩니다!!!

shincom twitter 110315 2


Show Champion first win!!! This goes to all Shinhwa Changjos!!!

#Shinhwa Show Champion Kemenangan pertama #Sniper!!!!! Piala ini untuk semua Shinhwa Changjo!!!!

Credit: @ShinhwaCompany + malpabo (eng) 2

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