[TRANS] Pesan Shinhwa Untuk Naver Music (270215)

naver music shinhwa 1


(Dongwan) “To Naver Music~ Sniper- please give it lots of love~!”

[Dongwan] “Untuk Naver Music~ Sniper~ tolong berikan banyak cinta~!”

naver music shinhwa 2

(Lee Minwoo) ”Naver Music!! Sniper!! Daebak 🙂 Please look forward to it.”

[Lee Minwoo] “Naver Music!! Sniper!! Daebak 🙂 Tolong nantikan.”

naver music shinhwa 3

(Andy) “To Naver Music: Please give lots of love to 12th album!”

[Andy] “Untuk Naver Music: Tolong berikan banyak cinta pada album ke-12!”

naver music shinhwa 4

(Eric) “To Naver Music: Shinhwa’s 12th album, please give it lots of love!!”

[Eric] “Untuk Naver Music: Album ke-12 Shinhwa, tolong berikan banyak cinta!!”

naver music shinhwa 5

(Hyesung) “Naver Music” Please look forward to ‘Sniper’!”

[Hyesung] “Naver Music” Tolong nantikan ‘Sniper’!”

naver music shinhwa 6

(Junjin) “To: Naver Music”

[Junjin] “Untuk: Naver Music”

Credit: malpabo (eng)

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