[UPDATE] CI Entertainment Twitter/Facebook: Shinhwa + Video Dongwan (260215)

엠카 본방사수 완료!!! 내일도 모레도 당분간은 매일매일 신화와 함께!!!

ci ent twitter 150226

Finished tuning into #Shinhwa !!! Tomorrow, day after tomorrow, for now, every single day will be with Shinhwa!!! #Shinhwa12 #WE #Sniper #ShinhwaSan

Akhirnya selesai menonton #Shinhwa !!! Besok, besok lusa, untuk sekarang, setiap hari akan dipenuhi #Shinhwa!!! #Shinhwa12 #WE #Sniper #ShinhwaSan

[KDW News] 신화산!!!

ci ent twitter 150226 2

[Berita KDW] Shinhwa san!!! #Shinhwa12 #Sniper #KimDongwan #ReporterMengambilFotoDongwanYangGanteng

[KDW Video]’2015.02.26신화첫방’

[KDW Video]’2015.02.26 Shinhwa first broadcast

[Video KDW]’2015.02.26  Comeback stage pertama Shinhwa 

Credit: CIENT_co + malpabo (eng) 1 2

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