[UPDATE] Mnet MCountdown Twitter: Junjin #Shinhwa #Sniper H-2 (240215)

다들 주목! 이제 이틀 밖에 안 남았다구요! 뭐가? 바로바로~ 에서 최초공개 되는 무대! 댄싱머신 군의 심장을 저격하는 퍼포먼스! 기대하세요 2월 26일 D-2

mnet twitter JUNJIN 240215

Everyone look here! Now there’s just 2 days left! To what? It is~ the first revelation of #Shinhwa ‘s #Sniper performance on #MCD! A performance that shoots at the heart of dancing machine #Junjin! Please look forward to it ♥ February 26 #MCountdown D-2

Semuanya, lihat kesini! Hanya ada 2 hari tersisa! Untuk apa? Untuk~ penampilan pertama #Shinhwa dengan #Sniper di #MCD!! Sebuah performance yang menembak hati dancing machine #Junjin! Tolong nantikan 26 Februari #MCountdown D-2

Credit: MNET Twitter + malpabo (eng)

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