[UPDATE] MNET Mcountdown Twitter: Hyesung #Shinhwa #Sniper (200215)

#엠카운트다운 #신화 #최초공개 D-6! 안들어 본 사람은 있어도 한 번만 들어 본 사람은 없다는 마성의 메인보컬 #신혜성~군의 목소리! #표적 에선 어떤 느낌? 2월 26일 (목) #엠카 최초공개! pic.twitter.com/ew1i6pT7cj

MNET twitter hyesung 200215

#MCountdown #Shinhwa #FirstRevelation D-6! Even if there are people who haven’t heard it, there won’t be anyone who hears his voice only once, the magical voice of main vocal #ShinHyesung! What kind of feeling will #Sniper be? February 26 (Thurs) first revealed on #MCD!

#MCountdown #Shinhwa #PengungkapanPertama H-6! Bahkan jika ada orang yang belum mendengarnya, tidak ada orang yang mendengarkan suaranya hanya sekali, suara penuh sihir vokalis utama #ShinHyesung!! Perasaan macam apakah yang akan disampaikan oleh #Sniper? 26 Februari, akan diungkapkan di #MCD!

Credit: Mnet Mcountdown Twitter + malpabo (Eng)

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