[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter: Gagcon China (240115)

[NOTICE] 중국 동방위성「생활대폭소」방송이 오늘밤 10시10분(한국시간)에 방송됩니다 실시간으로 보실수있습니다(PC만가능)

shincom twitter 240115 2

China’s Dragon TV「BIG Laughters In Life」airs tonight at 10:10pm (Korean time). It can be streamed online (PCs only)
http://t.co/dJ33HyAY32 http://t.co/kLYxbpfzap


China Dragon TV 「BIG Laughters In Life」 ditayangkan malam ini pada 10:10 pm KST. Acara bisa ditonton online (Hanya di PC) di tautan berikut: http://t.co/oxKNaq2ws7
http://t.co/dJ33HyAY32 http://t.co/kLYxbpfzap

Credit: Shinhwa COmpany twitter/facebook + malpabo (eng)

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