[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter/Facebook: Eric KKT +

[관리자의 전하는 말] 에릭-연애의발견 카카오톡 이모티콘 출시 연애와 무관해도 활용도높은 이모티콘입니다 국내 OVERSEAS


[From the Admin]
Eric – Discovery Of Romance KakaoTalk emoticons release
Emoticons are highly useable even if it’s not related to love
Korea https://t.co/Zu6kujDiRh
OVERSEAS https://t.co/Z0uDd7PnWW

[Dari Admin]
KakaoTalk emoticon Eric – Discovery Of Romance dirilis
Emoticon sangat berguna meski tidak berkaitan dengan cinta
Korea https://t.co/Zu6kujDiRh
Luar negeri https://t.co/Z0uDd7PnWW

[관리자의 전하는 말] 신화, 치킨매니아와 재계약! 의리의리!


[From the Administrator] Shinhwa recontracts with Chicken Mania! Loyalty loyalty!

[Dari Admin] Shinhwa memperbarui kontrak dengan Chicken Mania! Loyalitas! Loyalitas!

Credit: Shinhwa Company twitter + malpabo (eng) 1 2

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