[UPDATE] E & J Entertainment Twitter: Chuseok (090914)

풍성한 추석연휴 보내고 계신가요~? 추석연휴에도 “연애의 발견” 본!방!사!수! 오늘밤 PM10:00 KBS2 “연애의 발견” 7부가 방송됩니다^^

Are you having a fruitful Chuseok holiday~?
Tune! In! to “Discovery Of Romance” even during the Chuseok holiday!
Tonight PM10:00
Episode 7 of KBS2 “Discovery Of Romance” will be aired ^^

Apakah kamu menikmati liburan Chuseok yang bermanfaat~?
Nantikan “Discovery Of Romance” bahkan selama liburan Chuseok!
Malam ini PM10:00
Episode 7 dari KBS2 “Discovery Of Romance” akan tayang ^^


Source: E & J Enterteinment + Malpabo

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