[UPDATE] Lee Minwoo Facebook: SHinhwa 6000th Days (270814)

관리자의 전하는 말] 세번째 멤버로부터 전해드리는 메세지 “980324부터 6000일까지 신화와 함께해준 신화창조!! 무슨말이 필요하겠습니까~ 신화와 신화창조는 우주최강이며 사랑입니다^^”

Minwoo facebook 270814

From 980324 to the 6000th day, Shinhwa Changjo was together with Shinhwa!!
What else needs to be said~
Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo is the best in the universe and is love ^^

Mulai 980324 sampai hari ke-6000, Shinhwa Changjo selalu bersama Shinhwa!!
Apalagi yang perlu dikatakan~
Shinhwa dan Shinhwa Changjo adalah yang terbaik di dunia dan is love ^^

Credit: Minwoo facebook + malpabo (eng)

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