[UPDATE] Lovethemusical Twitter: Dengwig!! (150814)

어제 첫공연을 마친 ‘뎅드윅’ 김동완을 <더뮤지컬>이 만났습니다. 스스로를 ‘군살 헤드윅’이라 칭하는 김동완의 <헤드윅> 이야기는 <더뮤지컬> 9월호에서 확인하세요!

the musical


The Musical met with Kim Dongwan who finished his first show as Dengwig yesterday.  Referring to himself as “Flabby Hedwig,” you can check out Kim Dongwan’s Hedwig story in the September edition of The Musical!

The Musical dengan Kim Dongwan yang sudah menyelesaikan pertunjukan pertama sebagai DengWig kemarin.. Menyebut dirinya sendiri ‘Chubby Hedwig’. Kalian biasa membaca kisah Hedwig Kim Dongwan di edisi The Musical bulan September

Credits: @lovethemusical + Kim Dongwan Tumblr (Eng Trans)

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