[UPDATE] E&J Entertainment Twitter: Syuting Discovery of Romance+Bacchus (05-080814)

숨은 ☆강태하를 찾아라~ KBS2 “연애의 발견” 8월18일 PM10:00첫방송 많은 관심 부탁드립니다 pic.twitter.com/Jh9wewa9KF

EJ Ent 060814

Look for the hidden ☆ Kang Taeha~
KBS2 “Discovery of Romance”
Premieres August 18 10pm
Please give it lots of interest

Carilah Kang Taeha yang tersembunyi ☆ ~
KBS2 “Discovery of Romance”
Tayang perdana 18 Agustus 10pm
Tolong berikan banyak perhatian

<알림> “연애의 발견” 제작발표회 관련 공지사항 입니다. pic.twitter.com/qA3zN0wWuO

EJ Ent 070814

We would like to inform you on the press event for “Finding True Love”

Kami ingin menginformasikan event pers untuk ‘Finding True Love’

쨘~~ 문배우, 피로회복(?)의 발견 !!^^ “으랏차차~힘난다 힘!!” 󾬌️ pic.twitter.com/dUfmBybScj

EJ Ent 080814

Tada~ Actor Mun, discovery of recovery from fatigue(?)!!^^
“Euratchacha~ feeling energized!”

Tada~ Aktor Mun, menemukan rahasia pemulihan dari rasa lelah!! ^^
“Euratchacha~ merasa berenergi!”

Credit: E&J Entertainment + malpabo 1 2 + ShinhwaStuff

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