[UPDATE] LiveWorks & Shinhwa Company Facebook: Shin Hyesung (260614)

Liveworks Company

[Shin Hye Sung_신혜성]
2014년 신혜성 프로젝트의 시작!
조금만 기다려주세요!!!

[Shin Hye Sung_신혜성]
The start of 2014 Shin Hyesung Project!
Please wait a little longer!!!

[Shin Hye Sung_신혜성]
Permulaan proyek 2014 Shin Hyesung!
Harap tunggu sedikit lebih lama!!!

Shinhwa Company
[관리자의 전하는 말]
내년 솔로데뷔 10주년을 앞두고 시작하는
신혜성의 2014년 프로젝트!!!
Coming soon!

[From the Administrator]
Shin Hyesung’s 2014 project that starts
prior to his solo debut 10th anniversary next year!!!
Coming soon!

[Dari Administrator]
Proyek 2014 Shin Hyesung yang dimulai
terutama untuk debut anniversary solo-nya yang ke-10 tahun depan!!!




Source: LiveWorks Facebook + Shinhwa Company Facebook + Malpabo

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