[UPDATE] Liveworks Company+Shinhwa Company: Video Dancing9 dari Minwoo (130614)

[Lee Min Woo_이민우_M] [TODAY]
Mnet 「댄싱9 시즌2 」 23:00
오늘밤 11시 첫방송!

[Lee Min Woo_이민우_M] [TODAY]
Mnet 「Dancing9 Season2 」 23:00
Malam ini jam 11, penayangan perdana!

Video bisa dilihat disini

Eng trans video: malpabo

[관리자의 전하는 말] 댄싱나인 시즌투 안보면??? fb.me/6x8spa7ln

[From the Admin] What happens if you don’t watch Dancing9 Season 2??? fb.me/6x8spa7ln

[Dari Admin] Apa yang akan terjadi kalau kalian nggak menonton Dancing9 Season???  fb.me/6x8spa7ln

eng trans by malpabo

Credit: Liveworks Company facebook

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