[UPDATE] Dancing 9 Twitter: Tayang Perdana (110714)

 ·  17h

[ 시즌2: 이번 주 금요일 밤 11시 첫방송] ★첫방송 D-2★ 제작발표회 현장! 마스터님, 마스터님.. 상대 팀 깃발로 여기서 낚시하시면 안됩니다…….

[#Dancing 9 Season 2: Premieres this Friday at 11 PM] ★D-2 to the premiere★ What happened at the press event: Excuse me, masters #Lee Minwoo and #Lee Yongwoo.. you can’t fish here with the other team’s flag…….

[#Dancing 9 Season 2: Tayang perdana Jum’at ini pukul 11PM] Friday at 11 PM] ★D-2 menuju tayang perdana★Apa yang terjadi di acara konferensi pers: Permisi master #LeeMinwoo dan #LeeYongwoo.. Kalian tidak bisa memancing di sini dengan bendera tim lain…..


Source: Dancing 9 Twitter + ShinhwaStuff

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