[UPDATE] Lee Minwoo Facebook: RicMin KKT (100614)

울 리다 릭사마!! 연애의 발견 대본리딩하러가던중…왕의귀한 문배우 화이링 

Our leader Ric-sama!! He says he’s on the way to the script reading for Discovery of Love…Return of the King, Actor Mun, fighting!♥

Leader kami, Ric-sama!! Dia bilang dia lagi di jalan menuju pembacaan naskah untuk Discovery of Love… Kembalinya Sang Raja, Actor Mun, fighting! 

M fb 100614

Kakaotalk message to “Eric”
Minwoo: Miss me, (7:01PM)
Minwoo: ? (7:01PM)
Eric: I”m going for my script reading you Jjanggu-lookalike (7:01PM)
Minwoo: (emoticon) “Ddabbong our leader!” (7:02PM)
Eric: (emoticon) “Come in, come in” Come in you Jjanggu-lookalike (7:06PM)
Minwoo: Trendy-guy~ (7:07PM)

Kakaotalk ke “Eric”
Minwoo: Kangen akuh (7:01PM)
Minwoo: ? (7:01PM)
Eric: Aku lagi dijalan ke pembacaan naskah, orang-mirip-Shinchan (7:01PM)
Minwoo: (emoticon) “Ddabbong our leader!” (7:02PM)
Eric: (emoticon) “Datanglah, datanglah” Datanglah, orang-mirip-Shinchan (7:06PM)
Minwoo: Cowok trendi~ (7:07PM)

M fb 100614 2

Eric: (emoticon) “Don’t be flustered~” (7:08PM)
Eric: (emoticon) “The end!” (7:08PM)
Minwoo: (emoticon) “Kyehehe” (7:09PM)

Eric: (emoticon) “Jangan kaget” (7:08PM)
Eric: (emoticon) “Selesai!” (7:08PM)
Minwoo: (emoticon) “Kyehehe” (7:09PM)

Credit: M facebook + malpabo (eng)

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