[UPDATE] Liveworks Company: Minwoo (04.05-0614)

[Lee Min Woo_이민우_M] [NEWS] 이민우, 국내외 종횡무진 활약하며 팔색조 매력 발산! ‘공연-방송’ 넘나들며 활발한 활동 이어갈 것!! facebook.com/notes/livework… pic.twitter.com/AGSLaCzpxJ

tumblr_inline_n6owcp27js1spcm04 tumblr_inline_n6owcz54eK1spcm04

[Lee Min Woo_M] [NEWS] Lee Minwoo to spread his charms across the world through broadcast and concerts!! https://t.co/jfZfXH6hla (Link to Live Works’ news on Minwoo’s upcoming year)

[Lee Min Woo_M] [BERITA] Lee Minwoo menebarkan pesonanya ke seluruh dunia melalui tayangan TV dan konser through broadcast and concerts!! (*Link ke artikel ini)

Credit: Liveworks Twitter + shinhwastuff (eng)

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