[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Facebook/Twitter: Rating Witch Hunt (310514)

[관리자의 전하는 말]
하하 시청률 0.324% 상승시킨 신혜성이란 남자
조곤조곤 할 말 다 하는 신브리

‘마녀사냥’, 신혜성 19금 입담 통했다..시청률 상승


[From the Administrator] Haha Shin Hyesung, a man who raised the ratings by 0.324%
Shin-Brief who says everything he has to say slowly and in detail

‘Witch Hunt’, Shin Hyesung’s R-19 talk worked.. ratings went up

[Dari Admin]

Haha Shin Hyesung, pria yang menaikkan rating sejumlah 0.324%
Shin-Brief yang mengatakan semua yang ia harus katakan dan dengan detail

‘Witch Hunt’, Pembicaraan R-19 Shin Hyesung berhasil..rating naik

Credit: Shincom fb/twitter + malpabo (eng)

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