[UPDATE] Shinhwa Company Twitter: Hyesung ‘Witch Hunt’ (300514)

[관리자의 전하는 말] 신혜성 “신화, 다 벗고 댄스배틀한 적 있다” 폭소고백… 저만 궁금한 건 아니죠….? 오늘밤 11시 JTBC「마녀사냥」… fb.me/6nJSZ6Kq9

[From the Administrator] (*link to Witch Hunt Artikel) Shin Hyesung, “Shinhwa once had naked dance battle” Confession that causes laughter.. Not only me who is curious right? Tonight jTBC ‘Witch Hunt’.. fb.me/6nJSZ6Kq9

[Dari Admin] *link ke artikel Witch Hunt. Shin Hyesung, “Shinhwa pernah mengadakan dance battle tanpa busana” Pengakuan yang mengundang tawa. Tidak hanya aku yang penasaran kan? Malam ini, jTBC Witch Hunt fb.me/6nJSZ6Kq9

Credit: Shincom twitter + eng+indo trans by SHCJ_Indonesia

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