[UPDATE] Lee Ruda Facebook: Konser M (270514)

tumblr_n69e4fo4Pr1rmwtr0o1_1280 tumblr_n69e4fo4Pr1rmwtr0o2_1280

Go go to Olympic Hall with Suntae and Jihyun to watch master Lee Minwoo’s concert, M Step~
Minwoo oppa was totally awesome~~ M oppa jjangjjang!
Even (giving) a t-shirt, jumper and a signed poster oohah ahah! >0

Pergi ke Olympic Hall dengan Suntae dan Jihyun untuk menonton konser master Lee Minwoo, M Step~ 
Minwoo oppa benar-benar hebat~~ M oppa jjangjjang!! was totally awesome~~ 
Bahkan memberiku t-shirt, jumper, dan poster bertanda tangan oohah ahah! >0

credit: Lee ruda fb + malpabo (eng)

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