[UPDATE] Lee Youngmi Twitter/Facebook: Shinhwa~ (240314) #Legendary16thShinhwa

신화16주년 콘서트….. 앞으로도 평생가자 SHINHWA forever~~~♡ pic.twitter.com/ydBVSINUx3


Shinhwa 16th anniversary concert…..go on together for life
SHINHWA forever~~~♡

Konser Shinhwa 16th anniversary…..teruslah bersama seumur hidup
SHINHWA forever~~~♡

사랑하는 울 브라도~~~♡ 이번콘서트도 넘넘 멋쪘어!!!!!^^ 역시 나의 브로가 최고다 짱짱짱♡♡♡ pic.twitter.com/GGzSrdrdgF



My dear brother~~♡ This concert was so awesome too!!!^^ My bro is indeed the best. Jjang jjang jjang.

Adikku sayang~~♡ Konser ini juga sangat hebat!!! ^^ Adikku memang yang terbaik.  Jjang jjang jjang.

Credit: Youngmi Twitter + malpabo (eng) 12

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