[UPDATE] Dancing9 Twitter: Red Wings Masters!! (060314)


글로벌 댄스 서바이벌 Mnet 댄싱9@Mnet_Dancing9 Mar 6

<#댄싱9 시즌2 레드윙즈 마스터 비밀회동> “이번에도 승리는 레드윙즈!” 우승을 위한 레드윙즈 필승전략과, 새로운 #하휘동 마스터를 환영하는 #이민우,#우현영,#박지우 마스터의 소감~ Coming Soon pic.twitter.com/XQJqfYVwPM

“Victory goes to Red Wings this time too!” Red Wings’ winning strategy and the thoughts Masters Lee Minwoo, Woo Hyunyoung and Park Jiwoo who’re welcoming new Master Ha Hwidong~ Coming soon

“Kemenangan kali ini juga diraih Red Wings!” Strategi kemenangan Red Wings dan pemikiran Master Lee Minwoo, Woo Hyunyoung dan Park Jiwoo yang menyambut Master baru Ha Hwidong~ Segera!

Credit @MNET_Dancing9 + malpabo (Eng)

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