[UPDATE] Younha Starry Night Twitter: Oppa~! (200214)

얘들아 오빠 왔다~ 꺅 소리 질러~! 별밤 초대석에 드디어 그가 왔습니다! 윤디도 기다리고 기다린 그 오빠! M 이민우😍 보이는 라디오로 함께 해요:D pic.twitter.com/sO3jkQvuUC

Kids, oppa has arrived~ Kyaak scream~! He has finally come to Starry Night! The oppa that YoonDi too has been waiting for! M Lee Min Woo, let’s watch the radio together 😀

Anak-anak, oppa sudah sampai~Kyaak teriak~! Dia akhirnya datang ke Starry Night! Oppa yang juga ditunggu-tunggu oleh YoonDi! M Lee Min Woo, ayo lihat radionya bersama-sama 😀


Source: @mbcstar @Minnovated 


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