[UPDATE] Mnet MCountdown Twitter: Minwoo Polaroid!! (200214)

MCOUNTDOWN@MnetMcountdown Feb 19

♬(ノ^O^)ノ2월 셋째 주 M COUNTDOWN 본방사수 이벤트!! 요즘 <Taxi>로 여심을 몽땅 흔들어놓은 M의 친필싸인이 담긴 폴라로이드 사진! 지갑에 넣을 수 있는 포켓사이즈~~꼭 참여하세요! pic.twitter.com/YIaeu9ch4c


♬(ノ^O^)ノ 3rd week of February Mcountdown’s tune in event!! Shaking the hearts of females all around recently, M’s personally autographed polaroids! Pocket size which you can put in your wallet~~ Do participate!

♬(ノ^O^)ノ Event Mnet Mcountdown minggu ketiga!! Menggetarkan hati seluruh wanita belakangan ini, M secara personal menandatangani polaroid ini!! Polaroid berukuran saku yang bisa ditaruh di dompetmu~~ Berpartisipasilah!

credit: mnet twitter + malpabo (Eng)

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