[UPDATE] Liveworks Company Twitter: MINJIN (160214)

[Lee Min Woo_#이민우_M] 이번 #TAXI 활동을 다함께 응원해 주시는 모든분들, 그리고 충재님 사랑합니다. 힘이 솟는 꼬마 자동차 엠!pic.twitter.com/K7DDFp7VPY

1921061_657598074298525_1629589407_o 1898143_657598054298527_981154455_n

[Lee Min Woo_이민우_M]
Our Choong who came to show his support during Inkigayo!
Everyone who showed their support together for this round of Taxi promotions, as well as Choongjae-nim, love you all.
Powerful little car M!

[Lee Min Woo_이민우_M]
Choong-ku yang datang menunjukkan dukungannya di Inkigayo!
Semua yang telah menunjukkan dukungannya dalam promosi ini, juga ChoongJae-nim, love you all
Powerful little car M!

Credit: @LIVEWORKSCO + Malpabo (eng)

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