[UPDATE] MNET MCountDown Twitter: M #이민우 is Back!! #TAXI (060214)

MCOUNTDOWN @MnetMcountdown

얼마나 오랜만인가요 o(T^T)o 얼마나 기다렸나요 \(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/ 드!디!어 <M>이 돌아왔어요~~ 오늘 제대로 “엠”카운트다운이자냐 오늘 저녁 6시 MCOUNTDOWN <M> 최.초.공.개 pic.twitter.com/WP16xExy4o


How long has it been o(T^T)o How long have we waited \(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/
FIN!AL!LY has returned~~ today is a real “M”countdown. Today evening 6pm
MCOUNTDOWN first. ever. revelation

Sudah berapa lama o(T^T)o Sudah berapa lama kami menunggu \(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/
AKH!IR!NYA kembali~ Hari ini benar-benar “M” Countdown. Malam ini jam 6pm
Dirilis. di. MCOUNTDOWN pertama. kalinya.

credit: mcountdown twitter + malpabo (eng)

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